The following provides answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed here,  Please give us a call at +86 591-38720360 , or send us an email at Jessicawang@3bloom.com .

Does 3Bloom have all the genuine spare parts in stock?2019-08-25T04:13:00+00:00

3Bloom has a large stock of there own but we are not able to keep 3.5 million genuine spare parts in stock. Due to our extensive network of suppliers we are able to deliver all the genuine spare parts in a short time period.

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How do I know for sure that I have selected the right original spare part?2019-08-25T04:14:21+00:00

Always double-check whether you have selected the right original motorcycle parts before you place an order. If you are not sure if you have selected the right genuine motorcycle spare part, please submit a request trough the Enquiry form.

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What are discontinued spare parts?2019-08-25T04:30:48+00:00

Discontinued means that the original motorcycle spare concerned is no longer supplied by the manufacturer. It is quite possible, however, that a similar original spare part is available or that the original motorcycle spares is still available from our stock. So you should always ask if the discontinued original motorcycle spare can still be delivered via the Enquiry form.

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Is there a minimum order amount?2019-08-25T04:31:32+00:00

No, we from 3Bloom accept any order amount.

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Can you offer me assisatance in finding the original motorcycle parts I need?2019-08-25T04:32:43+00:00

If you are unable to find the specific original motorcycle parts you are looking for, or not sure about the part number, please contact us either by e-mail:  Jessicawang@3bloom.com or telephone: +86 591-38720360  and we will be happy to provide any assistence you might require.

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What are some different types of performance motorcycle parts and accessories?2019-08-25T04:37:33+00:00

Performance accessories are anything that is going to help improve the speed of your bike, the way it is able to ride over certain terrain and in certain conditions, as well as things designed to make the bike last longer. These parts and accessories can include items such as exhausts, fuel injection systems, mapping systems, and various engine boosters. These items are said to be good to add to a new bike versus an old one, but older bikes can be upgraded with these performance parts as well.

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What can excessive motorcycle engine boosters do for a motorcycle?2019-08-25T04:38:32+00:00

One thing bike riders enjoy about their bikes is the engine and the way it might sound. So a lot of the though riders put into parts are geared towards making the engine even better.

One way to do this is with engine boosters. However, some riders go overboard in this area and they cause problems for themselves. Handling would be one of those problems.

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Do you Perform Maintenance and Repairs?2019-08-25T04:42:24+00:00

Our service department is open every day of the week. We are typically able to accommodate same-day service and repairs for most jobs. Be sure to check the current Service Manager’s Special for savings on maintenance.

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