Como funciona la cremallera y que fallas comunes se presentan

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En este artículo te mostraremos como funciona la cremallera y que fallas comunes se presentan, su uso cada vez es mas común y con los años ha ido evolucionando de sistemas mecánicos a hidráulicos y hasta electrónicos.   Cremallera: Asegura la cremallera de tu auto y maneja con seguridad. Cotizar Servicio   La cremallera La

Replacing other types of track rod

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Renault outer rod Separate the outer ball joint from the steering arm (See Replacing track-rod-end ball joints ). Unscrew the nut from the bolt holding the outer and inner rods together, using two spanners to stop the bolt from turning. Push the bolt out through the bushed eye on the inner rod to release the outer rod. Some newer Renaults have

How manual gearboxes work ( II )

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While manual transmissions have remained relatively unchanged over the years, electronically controlled automatic, semi-automatic, and continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) have become increasingly complex, but also easier to use than ever before. However, modern transmissions of all types have become more prone to failure, primarily because of this higher level of complexity. The following guide outlines the inner

Renewing brake cables

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Handbrake layout The most straightforward type of handbrake layout, with one cable leading to a Y-shaped equaliser and a secondary cable. Handbrake cable layouts vary from car to car, but have only a limited range of types of component. Although you may, for example, find an adjuster screw almost anywhere between the brake lever and the wheels, it


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everal terms redirect here. For other uses, see Turbo (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Supercharger. Cut-away view of an air foil bearing-supported turbocharger A turbocharger, colloquially known as a turbo, is a turbine-driven, forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engine's efficiency and power output by forcing extra compressed air into the combustion